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Best 7 Social Media Marketing Tools for Content Creators

Making postings for social media may appear simple to outsiders. However, marketers and businesses are aware that there is much more to creating and editing social media content than first appears, especially given the social media landscape of today.
Here are some excellent content production tools to assist you along the road, from selecting the ideal image to displaying your point of view to establishing the ideal Twitter hashtag to producing a video for TikTok.

Top Best 7 Social Media Marketing Tools

List Of Social Media Marketing Tools:

  • Canva
  • Crello
  • Prezi and Flipsnack
  • Grammarly
  • Type form
  • Anchor
1. Canva

The list of social media marketing tools wouldn’t be complete without Canva. Canva is a well-known tool for creating social media graphics. Canva contains a lot of layouts, templates, and design elements, by using this Canva allows the user to create a high-quality image quickly.

     The free version of Canva is good but if someone needs more access to Canva you can invest ₹ 499 per month to get the upgraded version of Canva, but compared to other social media marketing tools the pro version is a little cheaper in Canva.

How to create beautiful graphics with Canva:
  • Search for Canva’s amazing library of templates and choose one of those templates and start editing or else if you want you can customize it in your own way.
  • Go through all the elements which you need and edit them in your own style.
  • Download it and upload it on any social media platform that you need.
2. Crello

Crello is similar to Canva, In Crello without a lot of design knowledge we can make easy graphic design.

Crello is also the most demanded social media marketing tool because compared to Canva we can get 30,000 free template designs, 180 million photos, 32,000 videos, and 15,000 illustrations in Crello. They are charging $10 per month for the pro version of Crello.

How to build graphics quickly with Crello:
  • Click on the “Create” tab to find the free design template or select the template that works for your brand.
  • Select one of the templates and using the editor option customize the template as per your needs.
  • Save and share it on the social media platforms where you need to upload it.

You may find hashtags with Hashtagify. me, a free social media marketing tool with paid add-on capabilities. As soon as you search for a hashtag, you can see how popular it is and how it is being used. This is one of the tools that is simple to use among all the social media marketing tools.

How to search hashtags with
  • In the search bar type the hashtag that you want to know about.
  • After typing the word click on the search option.
  • The will find out its performance and the related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.
  • The user will also see the top influencers for that hashtag and the recent tweets using that hashtag and other demographics.
  • It alerts on particular hashtags, tracks influencers and usage patterns and more can be seen by signing up as a paid user.
4. Prezi and Flipsnack
Prezi AI

Prezi allows us to create a stand-alone presentation that appears alongside a presentation, and design awesome interactive graphics and charts. Since the hit of Covid-19 pandemic, presentation and collaborating from home become hugely important, that is the time when Prezi got huge hype and becomes one of the best social media marketing tools, One of the good things about Prezi is, it can be integrated with zoom, Microsoft teams, and Webdex. We can also get reusable designs so that we don’t want to start from scratch. The cost of an individual subscription for Prezi is 3$ / month.

      Flipsnack (previously known as SlideSnack) has a flip book maker that enables you to create, share and embed online flip page formats. For our mobile visitors, by this social media marketing tool we can convert PDFs to HTML 5 to create a book that is fully mobile. If you’re looking to take your PDFs or ebook to the next level, look no further than Flipsnack.

5. Grammarly

One of the social media marketing tools it is is a complete grammar and spellchecker. Grammarly scans your work for simple and sophisticated grammatical problems, covering anything from subject-verb agreement to article use and modifier placement, using artificial intelligence (AI). Additionally, it goes above and beyond standard checking to offer users restitutions and aid in the development of their writing abilities. For lone users, the plug-in is free.

6. Type form

When one question isn’t enough to elicit the response you’re looking for from your audience on social media, Type form comes in handy. This is one of the best social media marketing tools are user-friendly quiz, form, and survey builder that enables you to ask your audience questions in a range of forms are available, such as image-based, multiple-choice, short yes-or-no responses, and more.

In this social media marketing tool 10 questions and answers per month are free and basic, plus and business version is also available with additional features. Once you have your quiz set up, you can share it across multiple social media networks in the formats that work best for your audience.

7. Anchor

At the DMI, we use it to distribute our own digital marketing podcast in advance. Anchor is one of the well-known social media marketing tools and a well-known platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing your podcast and all these can be done for free. It integrates with all major podcasting outlets and free social media platforms for audio. It’s a simple distribution with Spotify-the great audio through analytics through engagement insights.

These 7 tools are essential for producing any type of social media content. You can use compelling content to share, tweet, and pin your way to success by utilizing DMI’s Social Media Marketing course. This will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Along the road, you’ll also pick up research, planning, and strategy skills.

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